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  1. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Tie Bar Clip, Custom Sandblast & Pol AIM-1340877


    Keep your formal look clean and neat with this custom created tie tack accessory. These die struck, sandblasted and polished tie bars feature a...

  2. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pin AIM-1340670


    Create an awareness or fundraising campaign for important causes with these die struck ribbon lapel pins. Each 1" pin features a 2-dimensional...

  3. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    American Flag Ribbon Enamel Lapel Pin AIM-1340541


    Observe events from solemn to celebratory with this lapel pin that combines an awareness ribbon with a red, white and blue starred USA motif. This...

  4. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Lapel Pins Die Struck Soft Enamel (3/4&q AIM-1340558


    Custom shaped enamel lapel pins in economy iron material. Die struck in your custom shape in your choice of metal finishes. The economical choice...

  5. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Custom Soft PVC Patch Labels (4") AIM-1340563


    Add some dimension to hats and apparel with custom PVC patches and labels. Thin enough to be sewn, durable and flexible enough to be machine washed...

  6. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Custom Litho Full Color Print Lapel Pins AIM-1340564


    Litho four color process lapel pins reproduce full color images, photographs, and graduated colors in designs. There is no need for metal...

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