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  1. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Rockin Pic AIM-1437333


    Natural cut cappuccino with gold picture frame inset or gold clock.

  2. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Getting Organized AIM-1437389


    Ebony Stone Organizer with cardholder. Paperweight and 4x6 inch picture frame and silver timepiece will make any desktop tidy in black

  3. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Timespan AIM-1437474


    Gilded Silver Clock with Suspended Premium Jade Glass

  4. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Grand Heure AIM-1437718


    Grand Heure

  5. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Circle of Time AIM-1437839


    Optical crystal affords a timeless beauty; however, this functional design captures time with a glistening embedded clock. The Circle of Time also...

  6. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Time of your Life AIM-1438075


    Ebony and cappuccino stone with gold clock and picture frame

  7. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Clock AIM-1438336


    Design in Time affords a new slant on being fashionable yet functional. This shining silver wedge with a stylized clock face makes the perfect gift or award.

  8. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    FLARE CLOCK AIM-1438389


    Designed by those with a knack for creating functional and fashionable awards, the Flare Clock ranks high on both accounts. Brilliant optical...

  9. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Burlwood Clock with Plate AIM-1438530


    Burlwood Clock with Plate

  10. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Diamond Triumph AIM-1438613


    A minute is just a drop in time; however, it only takes a minute to say "thank you for a job well done". The Diamond Triumph's black...

  11. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Wedged in Time AIM-1438635


    Cherry wood with green marble and gold clock

  12. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Closing The Books AIM-1438721


    Cherry wood book with green marble insert and gold clock

  13. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Twilight Time AIM-1438879


    The Twilight Time's embedded time pieces transforms this glistening optical crystal wedge design into a functional art piece.

  14. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Cadence Clock AIM-1439292


    A most unique desk clock design, with flame-cut metal rising behind the circular glass. Keep tempo with this contemporary gift of time

  15. Prop 65 warningProp 65

    Pyramid Clock AIM-1439517


    Optical Crystal Pyramid with Silver Clock

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